Holy Spirit Catholic School 


Holy Spirit School believes that self-discipline is about individuals choosing appropriate patterns of behaviour.

Children learn the skills of self-discipline best when they are seen modelled by significant adults. Therefore parents and teachers should model effective conflict management skills and self-discipline. 

Children are not born with social skills. They learn them within a caring home and school environment. 

Each child brings unique experiences and gifts to social encounters. There will be differing levels of skill in negotiating conflict resolution. 

The establishment of a happy and safe school environment is the shared responsibility of students, staff, parents and guardians. Therefore, the disciplinary behaviour expectations and procedures of Holy Spirit School shall be clearly communicated to all members of the school community. 

Action taken to resolve inappropriate behaviour patterns is based on the Gospel values of respect, forgiveness and justice.


Principal: Ms Geraldine Egelton

Hatchett Street
Cranbrook Qld 4814

P: (07) 4779 4255 or (07) 4775 3291
F: (07) 4779 7580
E: crnbrk@tsv.catholic.edu.au

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We are in week 7 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019