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Holy Spirit Parish Mission Statement

For the Sake of the Kingdom we strive to be a community of disciples who live in the spirit and proclaim Christ to all.

Towards the end of 2006, the Australian Government allocated funding for a National School Chaplaincy Programme “to provide pastoral care, general religious and personal advice and comfort to all students and staff.”  They recognized the important role that schools play in “providing support and assistance for all students as they cope with the challenges and stresses of life.” 

At the beginning of the 2008, Holy Spirit School received funding for this programme to support the needs of students, staff and the wider school community. Each school that has a Chaplaincy role, will structure it according to the needs of their school and its community.

At Holy Spirit School, Father John Kunnathumadappallil fills the role of Spiritual Chaplain.  We see the role of the Pastoral Chaplain, in partnership with the Parish and the school, as a support in the following areas: 

  • To provide pastoral support and work in partnership with Holy Spirit staff and its parish community in all areas of school life.
  • To create opportunities for faith development of students and their families.
  • To advance the religious life of the school.
  • To foster the spirit of community in the school.
  • To engage the school community in social justice and social action.
  • In times of need, to connect families, students and school with the appropriate agencies.
  • To provide an important link and build relationships between ‘our’ school, ‘our’ community,'our’ parish and ‘our’ families.
  • To enhance our special religious characteristics.
  • To celebrate the ‘joys’ of life.

At the beginning of 2008, Kerry Lowth was appointed to the role as Pastoral Chaplain. Kerry has been the Defence School Transition Aide since 2002, and has been supporting Defence families with the many challenges they face while being part of the Australian Defence Force “family”.

The role of Pastoral Chaplain sees Kerry extending the ‘care and concern’ role that has been successfully established at Holy Spirit School and contributes to the ‘Strength in the Spirit’ of this wonderful community.

For further information about the National School Chaplaincy Programme please visit the website at or telephone the hotline on 1300 363 079.


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