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Our staff deeply value intellectual pursuits as well as spiritual, cultural, sporting and arts endeavours. Our teachers are experts in holistic education – educating the whole child.

Catholic Education teachers are given multiple opportunities each year for quality professional development and they are expected to actively embrace change for improved student outcomes. We believe in the value of being life-long learners and we strive to be authentic role models for our students.


Kath Tarttelin

Assistant Principal Administration

Paul Martin

Assistant Principal

Caroline Fuller


A  Simona Longson
B  Glennis Weatherstone
C  Patrice Figg
D  Cortnee Devney

Year 1

A  Louise Sutton
B  Katrina Hartmann
C  Angela Lone
D  Suzanne Dunlop

Year 2

B  Jane Aylward
C  Cara McConochie
D  Emma Watt

Year 3 

A  Ursula Ferguson
B  Bruce Wootton
C  Kate Hanran
D  Kim Williamson / Sherry Evans

Year 4

A  Sharon McLean
B  Emma Yearwood
C  Phillip Clem
D  Melanie Albress / Alex Marty

Year 5

B  John Roberts
C  Rebecca Nieminen / Melissa Taylor
D  Nicole Lennox

Year 6

A  Amelia Davis
B  Begoña Bengoa
C  Rebecca Lobley / Amber Church 
D  Melanie McBow


Judy Prinsen      

PE Teacher

Melissa Taylor / Kirsten Logan

Technology Melanie Albress

Sue Laing / Maureen Crimeen


Gloria Sim


Kristy Bates

Inclusive Practice

Taryn Pickering (P-2)
Angela Bourne (3-6)
Kirsten Logan (Intervention 2-6)

Anne Mendiolea (EALD & Indigenous Education)

Guidance Counsellor

Tegan Towler

Pastoral Chaplain

Kerry Donlan

Defence Force Mentor

ICT Support Technician

Haylie Stanhope

Jack A'Herne